This wasn’t for your nF2 rig was it? Intel core i5 k MHz Memory: Originally Posted by Knoxville. It’s not that bad, well at least it wasn’t back in the day. Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited.

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Usually Ships the Same Business day. Buy with confidence that it’ll be just fine. Inno3d Savage AGP 64meg.

Add Thread to del. Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited. It’s THE most important thing when it comes to gaming!

inno3D Savage 2000 graphics card – Savage2000 – 32 MB

Savage supports the texture compression technology S3TC licensed by Microsoft saving MB of textures in only 32MB local memory provided for texture coaching, boasting a fully fledged bit local graphics memory interface.

Any recent 3D accelerator will work just fine innno3d your motherboard with Windows XP. Send a request for a quote to our friendly Sales Staff!

Can’t find it on our Website? Ben Rogers’s system Motherboard: It’s about 2 years old now I remember Savage 4 having one of the first ring buffer based hardware triangle engines, back when Rage6c and MGA-G were still popular. Austin never slag off a savage4, it is a legendary card.


A tightly integrated design, S3’s highly efficient geometry engine is optimized to work directly with S3’s advanced rasterizing engine. It’s not that bad, well at least it wasn’t back in the day. Intel core i5 k MHz Memory: Originally Posted by Knoxville. Were you seriously expecting to play games on such an old gfx card?

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As said back in those days TNT2 and Voodoo were common place Inno3d Savage AGP 64meg my 3d card problems continue right, this is the other card the 1 mentioned in my other postits not as good as the other 1 i have, but i thought it would do I installed this card B4 i installed XP, it runs XP fine i have just installed Black hawk down, well BHD says the savage doesnt support direct X 8.

Sure Savage was a good gfx chipset when it came out.

The time now is Results 1 savag2000 15 of This integration provides the highest possible performance during 3D scene rendering. Whether you are looking to build your own system from the case up, or need to protect yourself with the latest antivirus software, you should take advantage of our low prices. This wasn’t for your nF2 rig was it?


Inno3d Savage AGP 64meg

Windows 7 64 bit SP1 Monitor s: Austin you obviously don’t have the latest savage4. This was a few years back though, but still, its one savage20000 all time favourite cards. If you’re looking for computer parts online, low PC prices, and great deals on refurbished computer components, please take a look around, you’ll find everything you need. The double pipeline architecture of Savage together with the Single-pass Quad-Texture engine provides high scene fill-rates, significantly improving gaming performance at higher resolutions.

Savage is not only buggy and unsupported but hideously slow. Was just playing UT2k3 on full detail, Anti-Aliasing x16 and x with fps constant. I ran one for months and it was superb.