April 14th, Please read the following announcement: If I purchase the latest artcut will this work on my laptop running vista and will this solve all these problems? Regarding too many nodes at once and maybe a progress bar: April 27th,

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April 14th, April 6th, Apr 6, Marco I started out with it on my Vista worked great for a few days then all the sudden when i would go to cut a design it would cut straight lines up and down sideways ect.

January 11th, Jan 11, 6: Thx for the support, but I got the plotter up and running. Feel free to review our Privacy Policy in a new window.

Jan 17, 1: If you dont, when you exit out, the dialogue will still read “COM 1” but it wont work. The connecting cable is damaged. When I use it with corel draw snijplottter only cuts one item if I make a few things to cut then plotter crashes or the computer turns itself off, I have noticed sparks coming from the axle when the metal contacts. The COM port of computer is damaged. Question I have is, can the Rabbit contour cut inkjet transfers?


Snijplotter, Merk: HELO, Type: HSP – Auctionista

Overcut and Tool Offset correction. Of course it is a standard chip, but maybe the implementation or connection to the rest inside of the Helo is faulty.

The pressure is too large use two paper pressure rollers. The main board is damaged or MAX on the main board is damaged.

This new export will be officially included in Inkscape 0. I think it is under the transfer paper link if not keep looking because it is there. Regarding too many nodes at once and maybe a progress bar: Need to Upload an Image?

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January 17th, Jan 17, 4: Originally Posted by 33nunn I just got my rabbit and I need some with setup i may be able to help. Then I needed to use the drivers from hengxings site hxlaser. Hi TimeWaster, I do not snijplootter this is the real problem, as it appears with my Helo already with a relatively simple snowflake maybe ?

COM port of compute is damaged. This is simply much too complicated for normal users.

This demonstrates the path to plot with and without the Tool Offset correction. Originally Posted by McSilvio. Has anyone figured out how to use flexisign?


Cutter, Brand: HELO, Type: HSP – Auctionista

However the driver install program wouldnt work properly until I changed the chinese characters in the folder name to english characters. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Rabbit HX heoo bought mine in toronto from the guy at asc Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. In my short experience the error always appears exactly in the same place of the drawing, which hints at either a code generation problem, or a special combination of characters, that gets misinterpreted by the Helo.

Snijplootter 6th, Apr 6, 3: It can now send the Data to the serial interface by itself. Both features are vital when plotting on a Swivel Knife Plotter That is the most common type of Plotter.