Shut down the laptop and unplug it. And as a bonus for reading so far, here’s a “blooper reel” of everything I did wrong the first time around: I guess maglev bearing technology isn’t very good, considering the thing only lasted 3 years. Remove the keyboard Now we’re getting serious. To remove it, I need to remove the heatsink assembly.

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I had a disk crash and am still trying to put the pieces back together. Unplug the display cable by pulling up on it.

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It worked without issue for awhile, until the bearing in the cooling fan wore out near the end of December. Linking to this article is permitted.

This should be enough for most internal maintainence, but in this case I need to go even further. Turn it right side up and open the screen.

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If present in your laptop it is in mineremove the black screw to the lower left of the shield. As a bit of an epilogue, I was unable to find a suitable replacment fan, so I bought a whole new heatsink assembly on eBay. It can be a little tricky. Remove the hard drive screw.


Remove the battery, modular bay device and PC cards. It just snaps off, but be careful not to break the plastic.

Remove the keyboard Now we’re getting serious. You now have most of the motherboard exposed. Remove the “D” screws. I pulled the text from Google’s cache, hopefully I have the images and the rest of the site!

Put the keyboard aside. Remove the heatsink assembly.

The laptop has been completely dismantled piece by piece. Remove the RF shield. In the picture below you can see the heatsink itself 1the heatpipe contact plate 2and the screws from hell that must be removed 3. The cable labeled “X” is the display cable, and the one labeled “Y” is the palmrest cable. Remove the display I need to remove the motherboard, and to do that I need to eell the palmrest, and to do that I need to remove the screen.

Lay the keyboard over the left side of the laptop, upside down. Loosen the 3 recessed screws at the inside corners of the shield, and the 2 screws at the corners of the heatpipe contact plate. Good luck putting it back together. Remove the heatsink screws. A replacement was needed, so I decided to take the laptop apart piece by piece to see what sort of fan I had to deal with. Prepare for battle Before I could start tearing apart this beast, I first needed to clear off some space and gather my tools.


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Vpx this point you might want to remove the RAM, to eliminate any possibility of it being damaged. The tools you will need during this adventure are: Unplug the palmrest cable by pulling up on it.

To remove it, I need to remove the heatsink assembly. Too short and you don’t get enough leverage, too big and it won’t fit. With that gone, you now have a circuit board in a plastic tray: Remove the “P” screws.